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Why This Movement for Reform
Using a Question-and-Answer approach, the President of ADIL tries to explain some of the issues confronting the reform movement.

1. The Prime Minister, Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has challenged the reformasi people to form a political party. Why  haven’t you taken up the challenge?


2. Why have you formed a reform movement and not a political party?

3. But if ADIL is not a political party, how can it bring about political change?


4. Does this mean that you are not going into politics, that you are not prepared to offer a political alternative to the people?


5. What does this mean? Does it mean that ADIL will become a political party?


6. Will ADIL put up its own candidates in the next General Election? Will its candidates contest under the banner of some other party?


7. An ex-ISA detainee, Malik Hussein has proclaimed himself a spokesperson for the reformasi movement and says that the movement will soon be establishing a political party.


8. Why is it called ADIL and not REFORMASI?


9. As a reform movement, what is the attitude of ADIL to GERAK and GAGASAN?


10. If GERAK, GAGASAN and other groups are working towards similar goals - the goals of democratic reform and social justice - what was the necessity of forming another group called ADIL?


11. How does ADIL stand in relation to the reformasi demonstrators? Does it condone those demonstrations? Does it condone violence?


12. How will ADIL fund its activities?


13. What sort of activities will ADIL organise?


14. Are you hopeful about getting ADIL registered soon?


15. Will ADIL try to reach out to the grassroots in its activities?


16. What is your hope for the future?


December 10,1998                                                                                    Dr. Wan Azizah Bte. Dr. Wan Ismail